Dear Saint Catherine Middle and High School Parents,

In 2010, a Racine Catholic Schools Task Force was formed and conversations began to move toward a K- 12 system for Catholic Education. Although talks have started and stopped since that time with little progress, the vision has remained constant: A regional model of Catholic education intended to preserve the individual identity, history, and uniqueness of each school, while maximizing the impact of collective strength.

As a step forward in resuming this initiative, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is pleased to announce the recent selection of Dr. Therese Fellner as the Project Manager for the Racine Catholic Education K-12 System Design and Implementation assignment. Dr. Fellner is a Racine native and an alumni of Racine Catholic Schools (St. Sebastian, St. Catherine’s). She is trained in educational leadership and policy studies, and skilled in business development and non-profit management.

In 2012, Loyola University Chicago, the School of Education, and the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness released the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, giving the entire Catholic community a common framework of universal characteristics of Catholic identity and agreed upon criteria for Catholic school excellence. Dr. Fellner will use this framework to begin collecting feedback from pastors, parishioners, principals, teachers, school staff, and school families regarding their perceptions and experiences with each of the Catholic Schools in Racine.

As a parent of a Saint Catherine’s student, we ask that you please take the time to complete the survey at The estimated completion time is 10 minutes. Spanish versions can be found at Survey responses will be completely anonymous and reported by class and school, not individually. Parents are invited to complete 1 survey per family. Survey completion will be tracked by each school, and reminders will be sent to all families. Hard copies and Spanish versions are available from the school office. The survey link will be open from May 16 June 3, 2016. Recognizing the imperative that Catholic schools must provide an excellent academic program within a faith-filled environment, the questions are designed to address four areas: Mission and Catholic Identity, Governance and Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Operational Vitality.

The project timeline is also detailed on the following page, along with contact names and information for the Project Leadership Team. We ask for your support and voice as we move forward with a K-12 system for Catholic Education in Racine.


Brenda White
Associate Superintendent

Click here to view the proposed timeline of the initiative.  

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Contact the Leadership Team:

Dr. Therese Fellner, Project Manager, Evaluation Research Services, Brenda White, Associate Superintendent, Archdiocese of Milwaukee,
Sister Chris Broslavick, Coordinator of Sponsored Ministries,
Father Allen Bratkowski, Pastor, St. Edward’s Parish,

Suzanne Kroes, Business Manager, St. Rita Parish,