The proposed timeline for the initiative is as follows:

May 2016.

Data collection through pastor, parishioner, school staff, and school family surveys regarding their perceptions and experiences with the Catholic Schools in Racine. Instruments developed by Loyola University Chicago, the School of Education, and the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness to measure the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.

June – July, 2016.

Data analysis and reporting of the standards and benchmarks surveys, individual schools and collectively as a K-12 system.

June – December 2016

Create and convene strategic working committees to assess specific areas:

  • Facilities, Equipment, and Technology

  • Financial Systems

  • Academic Excellence

  • Governance and Leadership

  • Financial Planning and Revenue Models

  • Human Resource/Personnel Management

Week of August 22, 2016

Meet with individual parishes and school administrators/personnel to share individual and combined baseline reports.

September – October, 2016

Hold visioning sessions with pastors, parishioners, school personnel, and school families to share data and customize separate parish and school strategic planning that will flow into collective vision.

November – December, 2016

Consolidate individual parish and school information and reports into a comprehensive document.

January 2017

Develop a business plan for a non-profit K-12 Catholic elementary and secondary school system in Racine.