To have someone added to the school's prayer list, please email the name(s) to Dr. Stephanie May. Names will be shared with Campus Ministry so they can be added to the prayer intentions for the upcoming all-school liturgy or prayer service.  

The following individuals/families would appreciate prayers at this time.

June 2017

Please keep Jim May, Becky Olley, Judd Wyant, Pete Stankowski and all others from previous months in your prayers

May 2017

Please keep Jane Udee and all others from previous months in your prayers

April 2017
Please keep John Gilmore and all others from previous months in your prayers. 

March 2017
Please keep Rich Tomaszewski, Dorothy Erby and all others from previous months in your prayers.

February 2017 Please keep Paul Virgin, Tim Jones, Jim Hamilton and Family, Ray & Bev Tschimperle, Patricia Barlament and all others from previous months in your prayers.

January 2017 Please keep Dan Thielen, Jacob Trottier and Family, Renee (Johnson) Gagliano and Family, Gordon Severson, The Mooney Family, The Polzin family, The Miller family, and all others from previous months in your prayers. 

December 2016 Please keep Josie Sosa, The Pierre-Louis Family, The Family of Becca Schurman, Bob Garrity and all others from previous months in your prayers

November 2016 Please keep Michael Barnes Family, Stacey Ross, Mike Kost, Hellen Pomije, Wally Lang and all others from previous months in your prayers.

October 2016 Please keep Shelly Alderson and Family, Katrina Bargender, Greg Olley, Jane Budney, Josie Sosa, The Family of Patrick Kruse, Jane and Roger Budney, Brother Stephen Lucas O.P., David Bolewski, Max Niebauer, Bruce Guilette, Lisa Tourville in your prayers.

September 2016 Please keep Katrina Bargender and Deborah Pierre-Louis in your prayers.

August 2016 Please keep Ed Cichosz, Demetrius Batchelor, The Joost Family, Richard Smart, Bev Tschimperle, and John Vraga in your prayers. 

July 2016 Please keep Dan May, Sr. Michelle Olley, LaVerne Gedemer Horton & Judy Ruelle in your prayers.   

June 2016   Sr. Michelle Olley, Jeff Michel, Terri Marcell, McKenna Rogan, The Katrina Bargender Family, S. Lois Vanderbeke, OP, Class of 1946, Agnes Wallner Bentson, Dolores Keefe Bethke, Mary Sanders Boyle, William Carroll, LaVerne Gedemer Horton, Jean Scholler Mandli, John Murphy, Lorraine Wirry Murphy, Gene Spaay, Marge Gross Sustachek, Marie Grant Krescanko, Class of 2016, Bill Buhler, Jim Weiss family, Mark Trenier, St. Catherine's Faculty and Staff, Therese Fellner

May 2016 Laverne Gedemer Horton '46

April 2016 Lissy Blandford, Roger DeMark, Erin Henigan Douglas '98

March 2016 The Collins and Cobb Families

February 2016 Jim & Lynn Adler Family, Ron Trepanier '60, Tim Caroline, The Family of Sue Campbell, '69, Tim Maddocks

January 2016 The Graceffa Family, Russ Kortendick, Don Paar, Frank Bado, Jim Monty, Micky Postorino, Dan DeMatthew, Tom Reisenauer, Gary Schonert, Jack Kelley, Bob Jacklich, Fr. Allen Alexander and the Schaub Family, Evan Alexander and Family, Sr. Michelle Olley, Jack Kelley, Roger DeMark, Dolly Halverson

December 2015 Dave O'Brien and Family, Quinn Cafferty, Betty Jean McMahon, Marsha Ernst Krueger, Sr. Michelle Olley, Richard Ardell Krueger and Family, Jim Olley and Family, George Gordon, Jim Poulsen, Kathryn "Kay" (Rotkis) Cottone and Family

November 2015 Ernest Jackel and Family, Randy Baganz Family, The students, staff and families of St. Anthony's in Milwaukee, Bill Buhler, Donna and Rick Riehl

October 2015 Linda Olley Voll, Suzanne Tenny

September 2015 Janel Frazier Family, Stan Regent, Ken Mattingly, Kathy Wirtz, The Family of John Tropin, Shelly Baumann, Becky Hankel

August 2015 The Don Mulhern Family, Louise C. Andrewski and Family, Bob and Jo Schrimpf and Family, Marian Gedemer and Family, William Ford Callahan, Bill Buhler, Greg McLaughlin and Family
The Dresen Family

2014-2015 Prayer List