Meet our Modern Language department

St. Catherine’s has long been known for the quality of its modern language instruction. We encourage students to begin the study of a language in their freshman year. It is recommended, however, that middle school students or high school freshmen who have difficulty or problems in reading postpone the study of a modern language for a year. Please know, however, that two (2) consecutive years of the same modern language is required for graduation. Middle school students may retake MS language courses. The curriculum will build on what students learned the previous year. MS language courses may be dropped due to insufficient enrollment or if a requested course does not fit into a student’s schedule.

Be advised: Many colleges and universities offer retroactive credits or they waive language requirements for students who have successfully completed high school modern language study at St. Catherine’s.


Maria Allesee-Sweeney
Department Chair

Extended Day & Interact Advisor
262-632-2785 ext. 301

Edith Beltran Minehan

262-632-2785 ext. 434

Lingrong Cheng

262-632-2785 ext. 323

Cheryl Mooney

262-632-2785 ext. 315




High School Courses

Chinese I
Chinese II
Chinese III
Advanced Chinese
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Spanish V


Middle School Courses

Chinese I (advanced 8th grade course)
Spanish I (advanced 8th grade course)
MS Spanish
MS Chinese


Please refer to our High School Course Selection Guide or Middle School Course Selection Guide for detailed information about each course, including a description, prerequisites, and the grade levels for which each course is offered.