The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a critical part of the yearly budget. Rarely does tuition at a private school cover the entire cost of educating a student and SC is no exception.  Average tuition paid currently hovers at approximately 50% of the true price per student, and the Annual Fund helps to make up the difference in fees.  This fundraising allows SC to maintain its high standards while keeping tuition as reasonable as possible.

In 2013-14:

$11,245 (Cost to educate an SC student, Grade 6-12)

$6,250 (Average Tuition Paid)

$4,995 (Average Tuition Gap)

This gap is funded through charitable gifts, which means every donation to the Annual Fund has a wide-ranging impact.  From faith formation to student activities to curriculum, this type of philanthropy supports every facet of life at SC.

All alumni, families and friends are encouraged to participate in the Annual Fund at any level.  Your gift matters regardless of the amount!  

Angel Parent Appeal

SC also asks for 100% participation from its current parents.  No matter their capacity, we expect our families to come together in support of the faith-filled, mission-driven environment at 12th & Park.

To learn more about the impact of your Annual Fund gift, contact Joan Bolewski, Senior Director of Annual Giving, at (262) 833-5502.