Strategic Objective #4 – Financial

St. Catherine’s will focus its financial sights on growing enrollment and building tuition funding in order to take pressure off Annual Fund requests and to ultimately build a cash reserve.  At the same time, it will initiate a capital campaign to invest in the improvement of the Park Avenue campus.  In all its financial dealings, St. Catherine’s will demonstrate good stewardship of all funds through effective cost management.

Supporting strategies:

1.    Clearly define how the Foundation can offer the greatest support for the future of St. Catherine’s, and jointly develop a plan with financial targets, dates, and roles, in order to achieve the long-term goal of a $20 million endowment.

2.    Based on needs identified in the facility improvement plan referenced as a strategy for the campus, create and implement a capital campaign plan that will support needed improvements.

3.    In collaboration with school administration, create a Board-approved set of financial priorities from among the school’s important priorities, and keep these priorities up to date.

4.    Demonstrate fiscal prudence by consistently achieving revenues matching or exceeding expenses.