Guardian Angels Mentor Description


St. Catherine’s Guardian Angel’s will promote both academic and social connections between freshmen students and their school to improve student success in high school.  As freshmen success increases, the benefits to the school culture and climate become apparent. Schools with freshmen mentoring programs report having greater student to school connections, increased extracurricular participation, fewer discipline issues and greater pride and spirit.  This in turn leads to greater academic success.



To be a Guardian Angel you will need to be a person on campus who is a positive role model, demonstrates responsibility, possesses leadership qualities, is kind, and, most importantly, has a desire to give back to her/his school community. You also must be a junior or senior for the upcoming academic year. Only 24 spots are available, so if you plan to apply please carefully follow the instructions under application process below. See Mr. Tillmann if you have any questions.  




As a Guardian Angel leader you will be put in a team with another Guardian Angel. They two of you will be responsible for managing, leading, and forming positive connections with a small group of approximately 10 freshmen.  You will be called upon to support freshmen throughout the year in a variety of ways including regular “check‐ups”, informally connecting with your freshmen crew during the school day, attending several social events specifically designed for freshmen and GA Leaders as well as being available as a mentor for the freshmen should the situation arise. As a GA you may request to be partnered up with a friend who is also a GA , but your request may not be honored depending on the pool of applicants and student pairing matches.


The responsibilities of Guardian Angels will be the following:


1.     Leader Training- You will be trained in leadership and peer mentoring techniques. The dates for this will be July 12th and 13th and will take place at Windhover. Ropes training, food, and special guest speakers who are leaders in the community and state will be included in this experience.

2.     Freshmen Orientation Day- Lead their group of Freshmen through a Freshmen orientation morning. You will go to several different stations.

3.     First Day of School- Wear your guardian shirt and help Freshmen with directions and questions.

4.     Cookies & Cram dates- The Wednesday before exams your attendance for one hour is required for either 2:20-3:20 or 3:20-4:20. Time slots are given as the date approaches. These are times where you will be helping a Freshmen in preparing for one exam.

5.     Social Events-  Several social dates will be held for Guardian Angels with their mentees. Football tailgate, Basketball Madness, Easter Egg Hunt, January Movie Night are the social events Guardian Angels will be required to go to.

6.     Guardian Angel Lunch- Once a month GA’s will be asked to sit down with their mentees for lunch. Dessert snack will be provided. 

7.     Check Ins- One to one contact with the student throughout the year by talking to student in hallway, emailing student to see how their year is going, and other informal and formal school appropriate contact. You will know goals that student has and be able to check in with them throughout the year.



Why Become a Guardian Angel?


1.     Personal fulfillment-  There is no greater joy than helping others. This is one of the best ways to give back to the St. Catherine’s community, which is what the Angel Way and being an Angel is all about! 

2.     Service hours- Being a Guardian Angel will satisfy all of your service requirement hours for the year.

3.     College application/scholarship applications/letter of recommendation- Peer mediating and peer leadership skills look great on college resumes and scholarship applications.

4.     School culture- You will be making the culture of the school better by making St. Catherine’s a more inclusive place where all students feel loved and cared for.

5.     Teamwork- You will be paired with another upper classman to work with your 10 Freshmen. Working together with another peer leader will develop team collaboration skills that will be valuable in college and the workplace. It will also create a long lasting friendship or strengthen an existing friendship.

6.     Cool experiences- You will be doing different extra curricular activities with students from lunches to football games to Easter egg hunts.

Application Process

The application process has three steps.

1.     First complete the application. The application is below. Additional applications may be found in the office if you would like to pick up a copy that is already printed.

2.     Have three teachers sign off on the bottom of the application. Return this application to Sandy in front office when finished. Due date is 5-30-16.

3.     After application have been received, a panel of teachers and administrators will review the applications. All teachers in the school will be asked to give feedback on students seeking this position. If a student is denied membership to be a Guardian Angel they may appeal the decision in front of the Guardian Angel selection committee. If you are not selected to be a Guardian Angel you will be placed on the waitlist. Waitlisted students will be given preference if they reapply next year. Because this is highly competitive selection process where a limited number of applicants (24) are taken preference will be given to students who submit first and seniors, in that order. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET YOUR APPLICATION IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

*****Interviews may be scheduled depending on the number of applicants who apply. 

Click HERE for the Application!