The purpose of the Guidance Department is to assist students in making wise decisions and plans concerning themselves, their education, and their career.
It provides students with information that will enable them to make appropriate choices - now and in the future.

Guidance services are offered to all students at St. Catherine's. Students are encouraged to seek out their counselors when making educational and vocational plans.

Student Resources

Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors

The 2019 Marino Scholarship
The 2019 John (Jack) C. & Hildegard A. Heegeman Scholarship
Perkins Family Scholarship

Additional Resources

2019-20 Course Selection Guide
2018-19 School Profile


Contact the Guidance Department

Mary Thome, Guidance Counselor, (262) 632-2785 ext. 415
Marisa Andersen, Guidance Counselor, (262) 632-2785 ext. 416
Allison Guerra, Guidance Counselor, (262) 632-2785 ext. 431

Current Guidance Bulletins (2019-20)

Bulletin 1 - Sept. 2019

Archived Guidance Bulletins (2018-19)
Bulletin 8 - Mar. 2019
Bulletin 7 - Feb. 2019
Bulletin 6 - Jan. 2019
Bulletin 5 - Dec. 2018
Bulletin 4 - Nov. 2018
Bulletin 3 - Nov. 2018
Bulletin 2 - Oct. 2018
Bulletin 1 - Sept. 2018


Requests for St. Catherine's transcripts can be made via the below form.  There is no fee associated with these requests; however, please allow at least five business days for processing.

Questions about transcripts should be directed to Michelle Feick, Registrar, at (262) 833-5505.

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