Meet Your Ministers 


Kathleen Cavender


FR. alleN Joseph Alexander, MIC

Howdy Angels!  Fr. Allen here.  If you’re new to the school welcome. If you’re returning, welcome back! I just finished my first year as the head priest and Head of Campus Ministry here at the Saint Cats.  I love this place already.  It is such a fun and faith-filled place to work.  I currently serve at two other parishes, St. Peters and Holy Rosary, both located in Kenosha.  I love serving Christ and His Church and seek to serve with abundant joy.  

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I’m quite excited to be joining the ministry team at St. Cat’s!  I’m a Southerner and have lived in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas--I’ve only been in the Midwest for a couple of years, but I’m already hooked!  I’ve wanted to do theological work since childhood, and this passion for knowledge and truth led me to enter the Catholic Church in 2014, and to obtain my MA in Systematic Theology this past spring from Marquette University.  When I’m not doing ministry, I enjoy reading and writing theology and doing Crossfit.