Strategic Objective #1 – School Model

With a focus on institutional rigor designed to deliver academic excellence, St. Catherine’s, a school comprised of grades 6-12, will have 650 diverse students enrolled by 2020.  Welcoming students of all backgrounds, St. Catherine’s will continue to have a scholarship-supported student body.

Supporting strategies:

1.    Invest in student recruitment staffing, and develop and implement a recruiting and retention plan to attract students to St. Catherine’s and retain them in the transition from middle to high school.

2.    Focus recruiting efforts for 9th grade on students from Catholic schools, and for 6th grade on prospective public school students.

3.    Leverage St. Catherine’s recruiting efforts by building strong relationships/partnerships with Catholic grade schools, the archdiocese to aid in messaging, and with employers and professional associations interested in building and retaining a strong workforce.