St. Catherine's Strategic plan

Why a strategic plan? For any organization to progress it must assess its direction and priorities, get everyone on the same page, simplify decision making, as well as driving alignment and messaging. It must be clear to everyone involved how decisions are made and how they fit in the context of the overall goals of that organization.  

In the Fall of 2014, St. Catherine's Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning process with the aim of establishing the school's direction for the next three to five years.


This site contains not only the components of that original plan, but also news and updates of the progress to date.


Updated 2/14/17

School Model

  • Institutional rigor

  • Academic excellence

  • 650 diverse students

  • Students of all backgrounds

  • Scholarship-supported

School Campus

  • Wise campus improvements

  • Revitalizing the building

  • Meet safety standards

  • Healthy environment

  • Retain warm heritage

Faculty & Staff

  • Develop and retain inspiring staff

  • Build a culture of growth and leadership

  • Define financial package in support of goals


  • Growing enrollment

  • Build tuition funding

  • Build cash reserve

  • Initiate capital campaign

  • Demonstrate good stewardship of funds

  • Effective cost management

For regular updates on how St. Catherine's Strategic Plan is progressing, please check back often.