Meet our Math department

The Mathematics Department offers a comprehensive selection of courses to accommodate students who have difficulty with math, average math students and advanced math students. We offer an Advanced Placement Calculus course designed to prepare students for the AP exam for which they can earn college credits.

Three credits of math is required for graduation which includes at least one credit of either Algebra A/Algebra B or Algebra I.

The traditional sequence taken by those planning on attending a four year college is: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. It is possible for someone coming to St. Catherine’s who has taken Algebra in 8th grade to take Calculus in addition to the above-mentioned sequence. At present most colleges are recommending that students complete at least the sequence through either Algebra II or Algebra II/Trigonometry. They also encourage students to take math during the senior year of high school so that they will be well prepared for the college placement tests.


David Barry
Department Chair

262-632-2785 ext. 302
BS Education: UW-Whitewater
18 years of experience

Rachel Burton-Grinde

262-632-2785 ext. 325
BA Mathematics & Education: Cardinal Stritch University
12 years experience

Dottie Maccanelli

262-632-2785 ext. 310
BS Biology: UW-Parkside
MS Clinical Exercise Physiology:
MA Education: Alverno College
11 years of experience

Diane Putra ‘78

262-632-2785 ext. 318
BS Education: St. Norbert College
35 years of experience




High School Courses

Algebra A
Algebra B
Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Algebra II
Algebra II with Trigonometry
AP Calculus

Middle School Courses

Math—7th Grade
Math—8th Grade
Algebra I (Advanced 8th grade class for HS credit)


Please refer to our High School Course Selection Guide or Middle School Course Selection Guide for detailed information about each course, including a description, prerequisites, and the grade levels for which each course is offered.