Why St. Catherine’s?

For more than 150 years, St. Catherine’s has rooted itself in the four pillars of the Racine Dominican tradition. During their time at St. Catherine’s, each student learns what these pillars represent and, in turn, these pillars form each of our St. Catherine’s Angels.

A St. Catherine’s Angel is dedicated in their pursuit of academic excellence. Rooted in the Catholic faith tradition, the school’s academic program is continually evolving – ensuring rigorous and engaging courses that prepare our students to be college, career, and community ready.

A St. Catherine’s Angel is actively engaged in their faith journey, drawing closer to Christ in prayer and in works. Through masses and prayer services, Theology courses, a comprehensive Campus Ministry program, and daily prayer and reflection St. Catherine’s surrounds each student with opportunities to engage and grow deeper in their faith.

A St. Catherine’s Angel appreciates the gifts that God has granted to them, and looks to share these blessings to support others. Each year students log thousands of hours of service in the local Racine community. Additionally, the school leads many collections and programs that support the needs of many local Racine community organizations.

A St. Catherine’s Angel is a dedicated member of their school, local, and national communities. Our school emphasizes the importance of taking an active role in shaping the environments in which we live. We are focused on creating safe and supportive communities in which the dignity of each person is valued and our faith can thrive.


Racine St. Catherine’s By The Numbers

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Racine St. Catherine’s Prayer

Lord of all creation,
We pray for St. Catherine’s
High School Community.
We ask that you walk with them in truth,
So that they may stand for truth;
We pray that you bless them,
So that they may bless their community and
Live out the beatitudes.
Remind them that their lives become praise to you,
And praise for you through
Study, service, and prayer.
We ask that you make them strong;
So that they can go out and preach
Through their words, actions, and thoughts.
We ask this in Jesus’ name.