When a student is admitted to St. Catherine’s, we utilize all available resources to maximize their chances of success.  We welcome individuals of all faiths and backgrounds, and we promote diversity and respect within our community. 

Students willing to work hard and follow the rules will thrive at St. Catherine’s; however, we realize that St. Catherine’s is not right for every person.  As such, we reserve the right to decline admission to individuals with educational, behavioral, or other needs preventing them from taking full advantage of our program. 

Course Registration

1. Incoming middle school and ninth grade students – registration nights held in spring 2019, upon completion of enrollment process.  
2. Upper level transfer students (grades 10 and 11) – an individual appointment with a guidance counselor will be coordinated with the school registrar.  

Continuing Student Requirements

Current student registration takes place in February of each year for the following school year. 

1.    Submit Course Registration Sheet to the Guidance Department. 
2.    Completion of the online Tuition Payment Agreement. 
3.    Submit the non-refundable tuition deposit. 

For more information on the SC Admissions process please contact Kory Borek, Admissions Director, at 262-833-5517 or



1. Complete the online Inquiry Form
2. Submit report cards for current and prior school year. 
3. Submit Recommendation Form (PDF).
4. Submit Applicant Release of Records form. 
5. Register online for Placement Test (HS and MS).
6. Submit personal statement (HS applicants only).
8. Upon acceptance, submit the online Tuition Payment Agreement and non-refundable tuition deposit (beginning February 2019).

(All grade levels after July 1 of each year)

We welcome transfer students in all grade levels; however, St. Catherine’s upholds a strict transfer policy.  If the minimum requirements are not met, students may be invited for an interview with academic administration and the Admissions Director for final consideration. 

All students wishing to apply are required to have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average from their current school, along with a good attendance and disciplinary record. St. Catherine’s upholds the suspensions and expulsions of other schools.  Students with expulsions will not be admitted to St. Catherine’s.  No transfers will be allowed during a student’s senior year, including out-of-town transfers. 

As a transfer student, please be aware of the WIAA rules for athletic eligibility.