Racine St. Catherine’s curriculum is designed to challenge students while both providing a strong foundation of knowledge and the allowing the opportunity to explore different fields of study.

The school is dedicated to continuous innovation, and in the interest of preparing students to excel in an increasingly technological world, every Angel completes curriculum on an Apple iPad. Interdisciplinary instruction connects all subject matter to a main theme that is then taught across different subjects. By connecting all subjects, students naturally delve deeper into the material which helps them think more strategically, comprehend better and remember longer.

At this critical time in a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development, we believe the moral strength a student receives from an education firmly rooted in faith directly affects the kind of person they become for the rest of their lives. Students attend monthly liturgies and prayer services and are encouraged to join the school’s Campus Ministry group to help coordinate, lead and serve at these gatherings.

From the time they begin at St. Catherine’s, students follow a comprehensive program administered by the Guidance Department that is designed to aid them in their path of self-discovery in order to grow spiritually and mentally in preparation for life beyond high school.