Student Activities
and Clubs



St. Catherine’s offers many school-sponsored, extracurricular activities intended to help our students develop skills outside of the classroom while pursuing their passions. Only clubs and groups that have a faculty moderator/advisor and have been organized with the approval of the principal are considered school-sponsored. Trips planned by clubs are subject to SC field trip policies. Contact the school for information regarding rules, school authorization, and chaperoning.  

Students who are participating in a Co-Curricular activity are required to abide by the same rules of eligibility and conduct as our student athletes. Please read the Code of Conduct thoroughly before submitting the  i-Form below.

St. Catherine's Activities Code of Conduct

Because academic performance has priority over extracurricular involvement, a student who has more than one failing grade at the end of a quarter is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activity. Eligibility can resume after 10 school days, if the academic deficiency is corrected.  

Questions about Student Activities at Racine St. Catherine's contact Lori Prideaux, Activities Director.