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November 2016

Photo from our Dia d Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) prayer and celebration on All Souls Day, November 2nd. 

Student gathered after school to pray the rosary for all the deceased members of our St. Catherine's students, Alumni, benefactors, family and friend. The name of the deceased were read aloud as we prayed the decades of the rosary in both English and Spanish. People gathered after in Angel Ally for refreshments inlcluding, Pan e Muertos, "bread of the dead", a Mexican pastry traditionally served on this day. Students plan to gather again to pray the Rosary for all our needs on Our Lady of Guadalupe's Feast Day, December 12th. Refreshments will follow in Angel Alley. 

Campus Ministry Christmas Food and Gift Drive Kick Off
As was announced at our Nov. 1st Mass, we are officially kicking off our Christmas Food and Gift Drive.  Again as in the past we are working with St. Joseph's Catholic Church to help provide for others, during this season of giving.  In order for the drive to run more smoothly, we came up with the following plan. The collection of food will be a joint effort for everyone.  Rather than having to divide the food up ourselves this year, the St. Joseph volunteers requested that the food be given to the St. Vincent de Paul Society for distribution this year.   Please note that the collection of non-perishable food items will start on Monday. There will be bins throughout the school.  The list of families and children will be distributed as soon as I get the necessary information from the committee. More information about the families will be helping will be shared with the school community soon.  

For Gifts: each High School STEP or Staff group will be assigned families (some large, some small) based on the size of the STEP or Staff group.  Like last year, gifts will be collected for children only, and the committee has decided it should be limited to about two gifts per child. Again, this is to ensure consistency.  If you know, based on past experience, that your STEP or Staff group will be able to give more or less. please let me know so I can take that into consideration when dividing the families.  Please feel free to start collecting/donating money now, as well as other things, such as wrapping paper.  

The Middle school will again be stuffing stockings.  You can begin donating/collecting money and stocking stuffers right away and a list of children with age and gender will be distributed later. We are going to have a couple of events co-sponsored by Middles School Student Council and Campus Ministry to help raise money and increase the food drive participation.  We will take up a collection at Mass on the Wednesday, November 23rd, before Thanksgiving and we will have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress Up Day in the beginning of December.  In exchange for donating $1.00 or two non-perishable food items, staff and students will be allowed to wear an ugly Christmas Sweater and jeans.

More details will be shared in future Rundowns. 

Christmas Basket Suggested Non-Perishable Items List

Christmas Baskets Suggested Non-Perishable Items

Expectations at Mass

October 2016

Fr. Allen accompanied 7 of St. Cat's finest to the High School Youth Summit hosted by DSHA in Milwaukee. 

Fr. Allen talking with hosts with WSFI Catholic Radio about St. Catherine's, sports, and faith. 
News 10/07

August 2016
Parish representatives Available and Angel Prep Day! 

Click here to read more. 

July 2016

Angels at the Steubenville On The Lake High School Youth Conference. It was a powerful weekend filled with awesome music, dynamic speakers, beautiful Masses, heartfelt confessions, unforgettable Eucharistic Adoration and 2200 incredible, energetic high school students on fire for their faith! We can't wait to tell everyone more about it and start planning to take a much larger group of Angels next year. I could not have picked a better way to end my first year as a priest!

June 2016

Jaylon Brown and I attended the Dominican High School Preaching conference at Siena Heights University in Adrian MI with other students from Dominican affiliated High Schools around the country to learn more about our Dominican Heritage and how to live out the Dominican Pillars.  We traveled with students from Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay.  In the attached photo we are presenting water from lake MI representing our two schools and where we come from.  Schools brought water from across the country which was put together and blessed to become Holy Water. 

 Combining water from across the country. 

Combining water from across the country. 

Campus Ministry

Faith life is paramount at St. Catherine's, evident every day in the curriculum and the interactions of students and teachers.  

The community of SC affirms that education is a primary means of carrying out the mission of Christ to teach and live love of God and love of neighbor in our diverse global community, thereby building a society based on justice and peace.  As part of the people of God, we therefore strive to provide an education which includes:

  • an emphasis on the faith-life and more development of the students,
  • a concern for the individual needs of the learner,
  • an atmosphere which fosters care and respect for self and others,
  • a commitment to justice and peace.

Campus Ministry students at St. Catherine's are involved with everything from planning the school's liturgies and prayers services, to conducting various drives and fundraisers, to youth ministry. 

For more information on Campus Ministry, please contact:

Father Allen Alexander
Campus Minister
262-632-2785 ext. 438 


Watch for important dates for the upcoming 2016-17 school year.