Campus Ministry

Faith life is paramount at Racine St. Catherine's, evident every day in the curriculum and the interactions of students and teachers.  

The community of St. Catherine’s affirms that education is a primary means of carrying out the mission of Christ to teach and live love of God and love of neighbor in our diverse global community, thereby building a society based on justice and peace. As part of the people of God, we therefore strive to provide an education which includes:

  • an emphasis on the faith-life and moral development of the students,

  • a concern for the individual needs of the learner,

  • an atmosphere which fosters care and respect for self and others,

  • a commitment to justice and peace.

Campus Ministry students at St. Catherine's are involved with everything from planning the school's liturgies and prayers services, to conducting various drives and fundraisers, to youth ministry. 

Watch here for important dates for the 2018-19 school year.