Campus Ministry

The Mission of Campus Ministry is Faith Formation

Faith formation is the forming, shaping, and strengthening of the spiritual "awareness and response" of our students, faculty, and staff. 

While academic, intellectual, and practical skill sets—all of which are specifically targeted for optimization within our students’ curriculum here at St. Catherine’s—are important for success in life, their ennoblement for use as a means toward achieving God’s “Higher, Divine, and Transcendent Purposes” are dependent upon a “religious” view and temperament in life. To be “religious” simply means to be willingly “bound” and committed to the dedicating of one’s life to the DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEAL of the Common Good and Fulfillment of all Creation, especially that of all humanity.

With respect to this goal of faith formation and a religious view of life, the activities sponsored and offered by Campus Ministry aim to guide the St. Catherine’s community toward the development of a truly spiritual and religious “LENS” with which to view life. With such a spiritual and religious LENS, our students, faculty and staff are given the chance to “SEE” life as an opportunity for living one’s life in SERVICE to others. This Spiritual and Religious “LENS” proceeds directly from Jesus’s own words found in Matthew 20:28 (NIV): “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” In short: Human life is best and most fulfilled when it is a life lived for love, care, concern, and sacrifice for others.

 At St. Catherine’s, this spiritual “lens” is further refracted through the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith. This Catholic/Christian lens is therefore the most primary lens relied upon to address and inform our students, faculty and staff as to the proper Christian approach and stance on the many complex moral, social, and practical challenges impacting the human condition in today’s modern world.   

Finally, St. Catherine’s faith formation includes a proper esteem and acknowledgment of the great value and religious impact of other major religious faith traditions in the world and accords them due recognition both through academic treatment and valuation. This ensures that all members of our St. Catherine’s community enjoy the opportunity to gain a true sense and commitment to the American ideal of religious respect, tolerance, engagement, and involvement between and among ALL our nation’s diverse religious populations.