Grading & Honor Roll

Grading Reports

Report cards are issued each semester and emailed directly to parents.  Quarter grades indicate the student's progress in the course and progress reports are sent to parents every four weeks. Semester grades are recorded on the student's permanent record (transcript, for high school students) and are used to determine cumulative grade point average.

Parents and students are able to check grades any time on PowerSchool. For assistance with your PowerSchool account login, please contact Zac Pawlowski, IT Director, at

Grading Scale

Racine St. Catherine’s uses a challenging seven point grading scale.

Grading Scale.png

Honor Roll

Racine St. Catherine’s students achieve a high degree of academic success, demonstrated by the numbers of students named to the honor roll and high honor roll each semester.

2018-2019 Fall Semester Honors & High Honors

2017-2018 Spring Semester Honors & High Honors

2017-2018 Fall Semester Honors & High Honors

2016-2017 Spring Semester Honors & High Honors

2016-2017 Fall Semester Honors & High Honors

Class Rank

Racine St. Catherine’s does not rank its students. Emphasis is placed on grade point average and a strong academic program.

* Grades are not weighted

Other Grading Marks

A student may also have one of the following marks on their transcript:

P Indicates a passing mark with credit earned but the grade is not included in the grade point average.
AUD The course is taken with no grade or credit earned.