Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)


Racine St. Catherine's is a CEP partner school with Cardinal Stritch University. Students enrolled in the program concurrently earn both high school and college credit. Qualified students are admitted to the University as “non-degree seeking students.” Upon successful completion of the course, these students will receive college credit that will appear on a Cardinal Stritch transcript. This credit is treated by nearly all colleges and universities in the same way they treat traditional transfer credit.

Faculty Qualifications

Faculty teaching a Cardinal Stritch University course at a partner school are hired by Cardinal Stritch as adjuncts. As such, they are required to possess a Master's degree in the content area being taught or in a closely related content area, they must be recommended by leadership at the partner school, and they are screened by faculty in the appropriate content-area department at Cardinal Stritch. Each adjunct is assigned a mentor from Stritch who will work with them to ensure that the course being taught is equivalent in content and rigor to the same course taught at the Cardinal Stritch main campus. This mentor is available both before and during the term in which the course is offered to lend whatever support is needed.

Student Qualifications

Students enrolling in concurrent enrollment courses should understand that they are enrolling in a college-level course. The partner school ensures that each student has met the prerequisites for the course and is ready for college-level work. Studies have shown benchmarks such as Juniors or Senior status, a GPA of 3.25 or higher, and an ACT score (if they have one) of 24 or higher help ensure successful completion of a Concurrent Enrollment course.

Courses Offered

Racine St. Catherine's offers two CEP courses for the 2019-2020 school year:


This concurrent enrollment college course explores the life, times and work of William Shakespeare, including the development of the Elizabethan theater. Students will gain the skills needed to read the texts accurately and be fully conversant with the fundamentals of Shakespeare, including the major themes and narratives of his plays, early English staging, the main issues of textual transmission, and the facts surrounding the life of the author. Various plays including comedies, tragedies and histories will be read (at the instructor's discretion).


This is an introduction to the techniques of analyzing primarily fiction, poetry and drama; the nature of interpretation; and the connections between literature and the human condition. The course involves writing about literature and increasing one’s enjoyment of reading.

* CE 150 Introduction to Literature and EN 325 Shakespeare are both concurrent enrollment courses through Cardinal Stritch University. As such, there is a fee for students who intend to enroll in either of these courses to earn college credit. These courses are 3-credit college courses and are offered at a substantially discounted rate. The cost is $133 per credit ($399 for a 3-credit course).

Please contact your student’s guidance counselor or Mary Thome, Director of Counseling, at 262-632-2785 ext. 415 or email for more information.