Meet our Social Studies Department

Social Studies Department Chair:
Peter Merkel


The Social Studies Department strives to prepare concerned and active citizens who can function effectively in a multicultural, rapidly changing, and increasingly interdependent world. It is important that the student be guided by Christian values as he/she is exposed to open examination of controversial issues and conflicting views of history. The department has a mixture of required and elective courses to develop and broaden the basic social studies skills.



Deborah Forrest

Social Studies
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Lisa Harris

Social Studies and Study Skills
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Peter Merkel

Social Studies
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Tom Scheller

History and Social Studies
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High School Courses

World History
World Geography
United States History
AP United States History
Ethnic Studies
AP Microeconomics

Middle School Courses

Social Studies—7th Grade
Social Studies—8th Grade


Please refer to our High School Course Selection Guide or Middle School Course Selection Guide for detailed information about each course, including a description, prerequisites, and the grade levels for which each course is offered.