Meet our English department

English Department Chair:
Rachel Lantz

Essential to the over-all program of studies, the English program emphasizes the development of the powers of comprehension, of critical thinking skills, and of coherence, cogency, and fluency in the expression and communication of ideas. It also provides experiences and activities that will help students become discriminating users of print and non-print media. Literary and media works, selected for both excellence in style/content and relevance to student interests, will promote responsible Christian attitudes, aesthetic appreciation, and appropriate leisure time activities.

To accomplish this for high school students, the English program provides comprehensive, sequenced courses for freshmen and sophomores, with a wide range of electives for juniors and seniors. In addition, composition and speech units in electives develop skills begun in freshman and sophomore courses. The English Department offers preparation for the Advanced Placement Test in Language and Composition and Literature and Composition. Middle school students are enrolled in both a Reading/English course and a Language Arts course every semester.



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Rachel Lantz

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English & Language Arts
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High School Courses

Freshman Composition
Freshman World Literature
Honors Freshman Composition
Honors Freshman World Literature
Sophomore Composition
Sophomore American Literature
Honors Sophomore Composition
Honors Sophomore American Literature
Literature of Change
Poetry: Masters of the English Word
Advanced Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
Shakespeare (CEP/college course)
Introduction to Literature (CEP/college course)

Middle School Courses

Language Arts—7th Grade
Language Arts—8th Grade
Reading—7th Grade
Reading—8th Grade
Honors Freshman Composition (advanced 8th grade course)
Honors Freshman World Literature (advanced 8th grade course)


Please refer to our High School Course Selection Guide or Middle School Course Selection Guide for detailed information about each course, including a description, prerequisites, and the grade levels for which each course is offered.