Meet our Physical Education Department

Specials Dept. Chair:
(Arts, Music, Phy. Ed., Business/Technology)
Debbie Mielcarek

It is the goal of our department to promote the benefits of exercise and physical activity.  While striving to positively impact our students’ current levels of fitness, it is our ultimate goal to produce students that have developed the knowledge, skills and motivation to interact in exercise and health promoting habits throughout their lives.  To accomplish this, we will attempt to provide and a positive and engaging experience for all students in Physical Education class.

The Physical Education Department program provides each student the opportunities to develop skill and understanding in a variety of team and lifetime sport and fitness activities. This includes a personal fitness and weight training course that allows the student to develop muscular strength and power, along with aerobic and anaerobic exercise.


Lindsey Bollmann

Physical Education
Assistant Girls Soccer Coach
262-632-2785 ext. 308

Dan Howard ‘06

Physical Education
JV Basketball Coach
262-632-2785 ext. 326




High School Courses

Physical Education I
Physical Education II
Advanced Physical Education
Personal Fitness

*Required for high school graduation

Middle School Courses

Physical Education—7th Grade
Physical Education—8th Grade


Please refer to our High School Course Selection Guide or Middle School Course Selection Guide for detailed information about each course, including a description, prerequisites, and the grade levels for which each course is offered.