The Alumni Hall of Fame at St. Catherine's was created in 1996 to honor the outstanding career and life achievements of past Angels.   Below is a listing, by induction year, of the Hall's members.  

The Alumni Hall of Fame at St. Catherine's was created in 1996 to honor the outstanding career and life achievements of past Angels.  

Below is a listing, by induction year, of the Hall's members.  

The St. Catherine's Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1998 and recognizes the exceptional athletic accomplishments of past students during their playing days at SC.   Below is a listing, by induction year, of the Hall's members.  

The St. Catherine's Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1998 and recognizes the exceptional athletic accomplishments of past students during their playing days at SC.  

Below is a listing, by induction year, of the Hall's members.  

Richard Carpenter,  Class of 1944, Business
Harry Drier, Class of 1953, Education
Mary Patricia Mason, Class of 1933, Religion/Education
George Wheary, Class of 1928, Business
Stanley Witkowiak, Religion/Education
Leonard Ziolkowski, Class of 1963, Government

Benedicta Bauer, Religion
James Chones, Class of 1969, Athletics
Ruth Foley (Dunham), Class of 1937, Volunteerism
Robert Goebel, Class of 1941, Government
Thomas Johnson, Class of 1958, Business
Harry Knopke, Class of 1964, Education
Margaret Piel, Class of 1947, Education
James Rooney, Class 1953, Government
Richard Sklba, Class of 1952, Religion

Steven Albright, Class of 1970, Humanitarianism
Hubert Brown, Class of 1940, Law/Government
Angela Carlson (Kusters), Class of 1929, Family
Kenneth Huck, Class of 1954, Law/Government
John McGuire, Volunteerism/Community Service
Jerome Mertens, Class of 1954, Athletics
Michelle Olley, Class of 1946, Religion
Jean Thielen (Peck), Class of 1955, Arts/Sciences
Richard Vallin, Class of 1955, Volunteerism/Community Service
Jane Weiss, Class of 1957, Education

Rita Andis (Lawrenz), Class of 1960, Volunteerism
Dorothy Dziengel, Family
Kevin Henkes, Class of 1979, Arts/Science
Barbara LeRose (Cain), Class of 1951, Education
Rosaire Lucassen, Class of 1950, Education
Harry Mares, Class of 1958, Government
John May, Class of 1980, Health/Medicine
Howie Ruetz, Class of 1947, Athletics
John Rogan, Class of 1950, Business
Douglas Venne, Class of 1946, Religion

Edwin Bogucki, Class of 1950, Arts/Sciences
Allen Buhler, Class of 1940, Business
Isabelle Comande (Draeger), Class of 1947, Volunteerism
Sue Craanen (LaBoda), Volunteerism
Margaret Farrow (Nemitz), Class of 1952, Law/Government
David Jenn, Class of 1970, Education
Fritzie Sawasky (Dallman), Class of 1972, Family
Richard Sawasky, Class of 1971, Family
Ralph Thomas, Class of 1948, Athletics
Richard Ludwig, Class of 1943, Health/Medicine
Russell Roetzer, Class of 1956, Religion
James Weiss, Class of 1964, Business

Jeffrey Darrey, Class of 1965, Business
Tom DeMark, Class of 1965, Business
Virginia Kasinski (Leuker), Class of 1954
Stefan Kramar, Class of 1939, Art
F. Miller, Class of 1939, Athletics
Christopher Olley, Class of 1980, Education
Cathy Poulson, Class of 1961, Volunteerism
William Troy, Class of 1971, Government
Cletus Uhen, Academics
Thomas Venne, Class of 1954, Religion

Matthew Andis, Class of 1956, Business
Paul Chaffee, Class of 1965, Volunteerism/Community Service
Darryl Cremer, Class of 1956, Volunteerism/Community Service
Julie Darnieder (Johnson), Class of 1969, Family (H. Norman Johnson Family)
Mary Dawson (Johnson), Class of 1960, Family (H. Norman Johnson Family)
Thomas Johnson, Class of 1958, Family (H. Norman Johnson Family)
H. Norman Johnson, Family
Dorothy Haas, Class of 1943, Arts/Sciences
Monica Gabriel, Class of 1934, Arts
Thomas Krummel, Class of 1969, Health/Medicine
Stephen Lucas, Class of 1951, Religion
Robert Maushammer, Class of 1960, Law/Government
Marilyn McGoldrick, Education
Phillip Pierangeli, Class of 1965, Business
Eugene Potente, Class of 1939, Arts/Sciences
Margaret Reynolds, Class of 1963, Family (H. Norman Johnson Family)
Denise Schrader (Kornwalf), Class of 1980, Law/Government
Karen Sokal, Class of 1976, Family (H. Norman Johnson Family)
Peter Vallone, Class of 1961, Athletics

Vince Kostos, Religion
William Rossman, Class of 1941, Law/Government
Ronald Reichert, Class of 1947, Volunteerism/Community Service
Anthony Spolar, Class of 1981, Art
Mary Stieglitz (Menden), Class of 1958, Art

Richard Albertini, Class of 1953, Health/Medicine
Joseph Kurhajec, Class of 1956, Arts/Sciences
Donald Iselin, Class of 1940, Law/Government
Kathie Radwill (Broshat), Class of 1970, Volunteerism/Community Service
Leon Schneider, Religion

Nicholas Comande, Class of 1976, Volunteerism/Community Service
Gregory Feest, Class of 1974, Law/Government
Jean Ferstl, Class of 1959, Education
Tiffany Haugen (Meyer), Class of 1966, Business
David Namowicz, Class of 1969 Volunteerism/Government
Timothy Troy, Class of 1981, Art
Bernard Vash, Class of 1946, Law/Government
Patricia Wright (Donovan), Class of 1970, Business

Virginia Jacko (Becker), Class of 1959, Business
Paul Miller, Class of 1987, Volunteerism/Community Service
Nancy Poulson, Class of 1951, Education
Eileen Reilly-Hoey, Class of 1972, Law/Government
Carol Wester, Education

Dennis DeMark, Class of 1959, Business

Marcel Dandeneau '50
Raymond DeHahn '56
Mark Litton '82
James Michel '64
Raymond Organ '52
Mike Zelinski '56


William Angel, Class of 1932
George Blommel, Class of 1956
Marjorie Carrington (Ruetz), Class of 1980
Thomas Colbert, Class of 1977
William Drummond, Class of 1972
James Feest, Class of 1950
James Haluska, Class of 1950
Ural Jackson, Class of 1971
Mary Kasinski (Biondi), Class of 1977
Harvey Knuckles, Class of 1977
William Kosterman, Class of 1940
Roger LaBrasca, Class of 1954
Michael Lawless, Class of 1969
Robert Letsch, Class of 1961
Julie Michl, Class of 1974
Thomas Peterson, Class of 1944
Ed Race
Cletus Uhen
Charles Wood, Class of 1960
Elmer Zenner, Class of 1933

Harold Angel, Class of 1933
Daniel Bentz, Class of 1958
Michael Drummond, Class of 1974
Lynda Hunter (Stuebe), Class of 1980
Robert Jaklich, Class of 1976
Edward Jarosz, Class of 1951
Regina Kaufmann, Class of 1979
Robert Kowalksy, Class of 1952
Charles LeRose, Class of 1972
Edward Lizdas, Class of 1933
James May, Class of 1959
Clayton Meier
Dean Miller, Class of 1935
Donald Penza, Class of 1950
James Poulsen, Class of 1960
Michael Ptaschinski, Class of 1968
Thomas Pulda, Class of 1972
George Ruetz, Class of 1944
H. Joseph Ruetz, Class of 1977
John Talos, Class of 1958

Richard Anzalone, Class of 1957
Joseph Bado, Class of 1950
Dexter Baker, Class of 1967
Rocke Calvelli, Class of 1961
James Haumersen
Charles Keleske, Class of 1935
Daniel Koenings, Class of 1964
Debra Kuepper (Dament), Class of 1976
Max LaMartina, Class of 1935
Warren Lester, Class of 1981
Randy Letsch, Class of 1965
John Mizer, Class of 1947
Daniel Moreno, Class of 1976
Jane Nasby-Zwiefka (Naleid), Class of 1976
Richard Ruetz, Class of 1969
Robert Seidel, Class of 1974
Gerald Verwey, Class of 1958
Leon Walls, Class of 1975
William Whaley, Class of 1955

Kenneth Foots, Class of 1971
Robert Jacko, Class of 1958
Rickey Jackson, Class of 1975
Donald Kangas, Class of 1955
John McGuire
David Mueller, Class of 1985
Gerald Olley, Class of 1952
Donald Peterson, Class of 1946
Kenneth Rammelt, Class of 1946
Karen Sawasky, Class of 1983
Thomas Schilke, Class of 1961
Mary Lou Vanko (Moreno), Class of 1977
Rano Wells, Class of 1955

Ronald Bentz, Class of 1956
Jason Caspers, Class of 1985
Joseph Cook
Warren Greco, Class of 1956
Richard Jackson, Class of 1963
S. John May, Class of 1957
Richard Milkie, Class of 1953
Paul Mohrbacher, Class of 1946
John Polzin, Class of 1986
Thomas Rogan, Class of 1974
Katherine Scheller (Kasinski), Class of 1975
Melanie Slattery (Eland), Class of 1986

Sylvester Bado, Class of 1949
Ronald Brouillette, Class of 1959
Mellisa Callender, Class of 1987
James Chones, Class of 1969
William Evans, Class of 1937
Thomas Klaus, Class of 1964
Anthony Koenings, Class of 1967
Andrew Lane, Class of 1984
Anthony Ortiz, Class of 1953
Mary Pulda, Class of 1980
Jeffrey Urquhart, Class of 1987

Michael Binetti, Class of 1962
Tom Cramer, Class of 1961
Roger DeMark, Class of 1961
S. Donovan, Class of 1961
David Dudor, Class of 1962
Ed Evenson, Class of 1961
Joseph Gamell, Class of 1960
Donal Hartig, Class of 1960
James Hesse, Class of 1960
Dave Koenings, Class of 1960
Geoffrey Miller, Class of 1960
Robert Olley, Class of 1962
Margaret Oteman (Fralich), Class of 1985
Jennifer Peterson (Gross), Class of 1987
Michael Pettit, Class of 1969
Todd Pettit, Class of 1961
James Poulsen, Class of 1960
Thomas Schilke, Class of 1961
Brian Verheyen, Class of 1961
John Verwey, Class of 1955
Heidi Wagner, Class of 1988

William Dorece, Class of 1960
John Hollow, Class of 1957
Robert Letsch, Class of 1984
Paul Loth, Class of 1960
Jim McIlvaine, Class of 1990
Wendy Sackman, Class of 1985
John Wiesneth, Class of 1970

Douglas Andrewski, Class of 1973
Tom Cramer, Class of 1961
Beth Eddy (Garchek), Class of 1988
Bridgette Garchek, Class of 1992
Barry Meerschaert, Class of 1976
Mark Meier, Class of 1976
Michael Rusk, Class of 1971
Slade Smith, Class of 1985

John Bodnar, Class of 1972
Dominic DaPra, Class of 1998
Abigail (Garcheck) Jaramillo, Class of 1994
Tony Guinn, Class of 1985

Ivan Lawler '89
Wagner Lester '89
Dave Pettit '87
Cathy Poulson '61
Jenny Scheller '00
Marcus West '93