Uniform Policy (Grades 6-12)

Why wear the Dominican Shield?

The shield symbolizes St. Catherine’s continuing search for truth. The shield of the Dominican Order is the armor of truth. The white represents joy and purity. Above the shield stands the Latin word VERITAS, meaning TRUTH, the motto of the Dominican Order. The Dominican crest is a sign that we are called to proclaim the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, in community, and through service of others. The Shield reminds us each day that along with seeking Truth, to Bless, to Praise, to Honor God is how we hope our students live their lives. The Racine Dominican Shield is a badge of courage for all alumni and families who wear it with pride; it represents nearly 150 years of community and a legacy of Catholic integrity.

As a private Catholic school, St. Catherine’s reserves the right to determine appropriate attire and insists upon a norm of proper appearance for its students, faculty, and staff. St. Catherine’s promotes respect for – and the dignity of – each individual person, and believes that values are reflected in one’s words and behaviors, including grooming and clothing. The school expects students to represent themselves well at school, on field trips, and at competitions and other school functions through appropriate attire and proper hygiene. Cleanliness, neatness, safety, and modesty are keys in determining proper grooming and attire.

Students are expected to dress appropriately for a Catholic school environment. Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable. Clothing should fit properly, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency.

The administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s attire is appropriate. The administration also determines the appropriateness of accessories, make-up, and hair design.

The parents/guardians of each child have the responsibility of ensuring that their student reports to school appropriately dressed, clean and neat in appearance.

Uniform code

To review approved school uniform selections:

1.     saintcats.org , visit the Parents tab, Uniforms at SCHS for a direct link

2.     landsend.com/uniforms     Select-    find my school --> find my school using my preferred school number  (lower left of the page) The school code is 900141078

All clothing (pants/tops) provided on the Lands’ End Uniform Store is considered approved for dress codes. All uniform shirts/tops must be ordered via Lands’ End website. Tops (Land’s End Uniform store approved items only):

Black, White or Maize polo shirts (short and long sleeved) with school logo embroidered on left breast (only White short-sleeved undershirts may be worn under polo shirts). White blouses/oxford shirts may be worn with school logo embroidered on left breast.


·       Khaki or Black uniform-style full length pants and capris pants only. (NO CARGO, CARPENTER OR YOGA PANTS)

·       Khaki or Black uniform-style Bermuda shorts may be worn

·       Khaki or Black skirts or skorts (skirt with build-in shorts) may be worn

·       A black or brown belt may be worn

Skirts or shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh are not allowed. Skirts, shorts, pants and capris that are excessively tight fitting are not allowed.


When the weather turns cooler, students should be attentive to the uniform guidelines for cold weather gear. The Lands’ End Uniform Store offers sweater options in black, white and maize with the embroidered Dominican Shield. Though recommended, the Dominican Shield is not required. A solid black, white or maize sweater may be worn without the school logo embroidered on it, provided the student is wearing a school approved shirt underneath. Students are also permitted to wear a solid black, white, or yellow fleece item so long as the commercial logo is small and not inappropriate.  Students are expected to wear an approved uniform shirt beneath all sweaters and fleece item options.  Jackets, including letter jackets, are not allowed.

Shoes & Foot Apparel:

White, khaki or black socks are recommended. Shoes, sandals, or boots (not military-style) may be worn in the school building. Flip-flops, sliders or slippers are not allowed.


Other Guidelines:

While it is impossible to list all types of unacceptable attire, limits are placed on clothing that is distracting, inappropriate, or indecent.

·       Clothing or accessories intended for outdoor use (hats, caps, bandannas, sunglasses, coats, including letter jackets are not allowed

·       Clothing that is torn, has holes or is designed to look frayed, or is unkempt or disheveled, is not allowed

·       Chains and spiked accessories are not allowed

·       Visible tattoos and facial piercing should not draw undue attention

·       Low-cut pants or oversized pants that droop or sag so as to expose underwear are not allowed

·       Haircuts must be neat and non-distracting.  Bangs and other styling should allow for full vision

·       Hairstyles that are distracting are not allowed nor are unnatural colors

Following are guiding principles regarding appropriate dress for Spirit Days when uniforms are not required.

·       School sanctioned spirit wear, sweatshirts, including St. Catherine’s hoodies and t-shirts are approved

·       Blue jeans are not allowed (unless otherwise announced).  Sweat pants, yoga pants, and jeggings are not allowed

·       Shirts, dresses, or shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh and/or excessively tight-fitting are not allowed

·       Shirts or blouses that expose midriffs or have low-cut necklines that expose cleavage are not allowed; tube tops, halter tops, sleeveless tops, and tops with spaghetti straps are also not allowed

·       Clothing made of see-thru material is not allowed

·       Clothing or accessories with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene is not allowed; clothing or accessories that promote illegal or violent behavior, such as the use of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or tobacco is also not allowed

·       Pajamas are not allowed

Corrective procedures:

·       Students deemed not in compliance with the dress/uniform code will be asked to correct the situation

·       If the student refuses or is unable to comply, she/he will be referred to the office

·       Parent/guardian will be contacted to bring a change of clothing to school

·       If parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the student will not be allowed to attend class and will be assigned to supervised study for the remainder of the day.

Students who continue to be in non-compliance with the dress/uniform code will have a parent/guardian conference with the Assistant Principal or Dean to discuss the situation and could be placed on Disciplinary Probation or suspended from school if necessary.